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Super Visa Refusal
Once you have a previous refusal, getting an approval becomes harder going forward.
If you have been previously refused, please seek professional help to determine the weaknesses in your application.
Reasons For Super Visa Refusal If You Are From a TRV-Required Country: Lack of Travel History – if you have a limited or NEGATIVE travel history it can affect your application.
Strong Family Ties to Canada – if you have strong family ties to Canada, IRCC may believe that those family ties will cause you to overstay.

How do you overcome refusal?

Once you have a previous refusal, getting an approval becomes harder going forward.

It is important to ask for proper legal advice to ensure that your application is complete and has addressed potential issues.

At CTIS, we have a system where each reason for refusal has an associated document list. If you have been refused for family ties, we guide in collecting the appropriate documentation.

When we write submissions on your behalf we reference federal case law to justify your circumstances and ensure that your situation is being adequately represented.

It is imperative that difficult applications be handled with the care and attention they deserve.

If you have past refusals for TRVs or Super Visas and you wish to come to Canada as a visitor, please contact CTIS to determine what your options are.




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