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Spousal Sponsorship
If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident and you have a foreign spouse, you can apply to sponsor them to become a Permanent Resident in Canada. Processing times on average are between 8 to 12 months, depending on the visa office responsible for processing the application. Based on your circumstances, you can either apply for an “Outland” or “Inland” spousal sponsorship.
Inland vs. Outland Spousal Sponsorship
Outland Spousal Sponsorship: If your spouse lives outside of Canada, your application will be processed through the visa office in the sponsored spouse’s country of citizenship or where they legally reside.
Even if you and your Spouse/Common-law partner live in Canada, you can still apply under this category. The benefit of this is that applying under this category allow you to Appeal a refusal. This may be an important strategy in cases where chances of refusal are high.
Inland Spousal Sponsorship If you and your spouse are living inside Canada, your application will be processed in Canada. You and your sponsor MUST live be living together. Moreover, the person being sponsored MUST have temporary status in Canada as a worker, student, or visitor.
Spousal Sponsorship Requirements
We can also submit an open work permit with the application so that as the application is processing, they can receive and Open Work Permit to allow them to come work in Canada. You cannot appeal a refusal for an Inland Spousal Sponsorship. You can only apply for Judicial Review of the decision.

You can sponsor the following applicants and their dependent children (21 or younger) for Canadian Permanent Residence:

  • Spouse – either of the two people (opposite or same gender) in a marriage that is legally recognized in the country where it took place, as well as in Canada.
  • Common-law partner – a person who has been living in a conjugal relationship with another person (either gender), for at least one year, continuously.
  • A conjugal relationship exists when a significant degree of commitment between two people can be shown.
  • Conjugal partner – This category is for partners, either of the opposite sex or same sex, in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from living together and thus not qualifying as common-law partners or spouses.
  • Dependent children – A son or daughter is dependent when the child is 21 and younger and does not have a spouse or common-law partneris older than 21 and depended substantially on the financial support of a parent since before the age of 22 because of a physical or mental condition

To be eligible to be a Sponsor

  • You must be a Canadian Citizen, or Permanent Resident (living in Canada)
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You cannot have been sponsored to Canada as a spouse within the last 5 years.
  • You cannot be in prison, bankrupt, under a removal order (if a permanent resident) or charged with a serious offence.

Spouse Work Permit Requirements – Are you an international student studying full-time in Canada? Do you have a valid student visa and wants to bring your spouse with you to Canada? If yes, then you are on the right webpage. We will provide you with all the information in detail which are essential for the Spouse work permit requirements. If you are studying in Canada, then your spouse/partner can also live with you. Even He/she can also work in Canada. All you need to just by applying for the Canada Open Work visa application. Having an open work visa allow your spouse to work anywhere in Canada full time for the duration your study completes.

Spouse Work Permit Requirements

When should your Spouse apply for a Spouse visa?

Your Spouse can request a Spouse visa in Canada any time before or after he/she arrive in Canada through a visitor visa. The duration of the open work permit is the same length as your study visa. However, your spouse does not need any kind of offer letter from any Company to apply for an open work visa. In some cases, the Canadian embassy will process your spouse work permit application on the same day and same time when your study visa application process. If it is also your case then you have to pay the open work visa fee additionally. And You have to fill out the open work permit application form.


Spousal Sponsorship Requirements

How to apply for a Spouse work permit/Openwork permit online?

Sign in to IRCC Secure Account – If you are a new user then first you have to visit IRCC Website. Then you have to register and sign in to IRCC Secure account. Your Partner’s Student number (Universal Client ID) which can be found on your study permit is required to submit the application.

Apply for a Study/work permit – You have to go to the Canada Immigration website and go to apply online page for a Visitor visa or Study/work permit. You have to fill out the form and check out your eligibility.

You have to write down and save your Personal Reference Code. It will be given to you at the end of the form.




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