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Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial nominee Program

Provincial Nominee PR Requirements – Do you know the Canadian Express Entry system allows foreign candidates from the pool of skilled workers to get directly nominated by any territory or Province in the country except Quebec. All these Provinces have their own PNP Programs which have been designed to provide a skilled and deserving candidate with a chance of a fast-track immigration process. Although there are some guidelines and criteria of each province they examine while targeting the workers, international students and professionals that their profile is fit for their Province or not and they can fill the economic gap which they are facing or do they fit for our labour market or not.

Thus, we can say that it is a win and win situation for both the deserving candidates or provinces. But we know it could be very difficult or complex while applying for PNP Program. But with the help of a Canadian immigration partner like us, you can apply and reach your destination without any hassle.

Provincial Nominee PR Requirements

If you want to settle in Canada then you have to choose a Territory or Province first, where you want to settle and live. Each Province or Territory has different Provincial Nominee PR Requirements which we have explained below –


  • The candidate is working in Alberta for the past 3 years
  • You must have a valid Express Entry Profile
  • You are planning to purchase a farm there
  • 6 Bands in IELTS score
  • The candidate needs to be an Alberta graduate with having a good business plan
    • The Candidate must have a job offer letter from BC-based Company
    • You are going to invest in a Business Property in BCYou are an International Graduate going to launch a new start-up in Alberta

      British Columbia

      • The Candidate must have a job offer letter from BC-based Company
      • You are going to invest in a Business Property in BC
      • You have completed your advanced studies in BC


. You must have a good command of English

. You have to show your commitment that you are going to settle in Manitoba

  • Show your Settlement Funds


However, In YUCON you can apply for any one category out of three –

  • Critical impact worker
  • Express Entry
  • Skilled Worker

New Brunswick

  • Have a good score on the language test
  • Currently Living as well as working in New Brunswick
  • The candidate should be eligible for the federal economic immigration program

New Found land

If you want to settle in New Found land then you have to show your commitment that you really want to settle in New Found Land and have enough funds which are essential to support yourself or your family members. But to be eligible for their program you must have a job over here or have an offer letter.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

This OINP Program is divided into 3 main streams as Employer job Offer, Human Capital as well as Business. If you want to qualify for the Employer Job category then you must have a job offer letter from the local company or you must be an international student. In the Human Capital category, you can apply if you are an international student and going to apply for Express Entry. Moreover, For the Business category, you have to mention that you are a businessman who is going to invest in Ontario or looking to start your business in Ontario.


Although, It has four categories which you can choose only one to apply to

  • Business Category
  • Farmer Category
    • Worker Point based system
    • Experience program for foreign workers who have work experience in Sakatchewan

      Prince Edward Island –

      • Age Less than 49 years
      • Candidate must have a valid Federal Express Entry Profile Number
      • Have scored good marks in Test
      • Have at least 2 years of full-time work experience in Prince Edward Island

      Thus, if you want to apply for PNP Program in Canada and want to know the full Provincial Nominee PR Requirements in detail of your selected Province then you can contact us. We are a premium as well as a registered immigration consultant who offers advisory services on Canadian immigration.

How does the program work?

There are two ways to be nominated:

  • Candidates first submit a profile under the Express Entry System with their CRS score (calculate here), then apply to a PNP program. This is a separate application where you submit an expression on interest to the specific province. You will remain in the Express Entry pool for a year, or until you are selected to apply for Permanent Residence, which ever comes first. After the province approves yourthePNP application (within 3-4 months), you will be given 600 points to add to your CRS score. The large amount of points given to you guarantees that you will be drawn within the next Express Entry draw.




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